Adjustable Patient Platform. Accurately measure patient weight-bearing ratios. Keeps the patient's center of gravity to the back while bringing feet to floor level. The only bed of its kind.

Early Mobility Protocol

Better patient outcomes at lower cost.

One of the ways to achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost is implementing an early mobility program. While the benefits of mobilizing patients have shown great benefits there have also been major challenges. The VitalGo TLB (425lb capacity) offers some new, unique solutions to address the those challenges. The TLB maks it not only feasible but probable to mobilize critical care patients up to 1000lbs even when requiring mechanical ventilation.

Some of the Effects of Immobility:

Cardiovascular system: Deep vein thrombosis, (DVT), Pulmonary embolism, (PE), Postural hypotension, Increased cardiac workload
Respiratory system: Hypostatic pneumonia
Muscular skeletal system: Osteoporosis, Muscle deterioration, Joint stiffness
Urinary system: Calculi,Retention,Incontinence, Infection
Gastrointestinal system: Constipation, Fecal impaction
Pressure Ulcers: Instead of transferring weight from one place to another, offload it completely to the feet with the Total Lift Bed.
Psychological: Depression, Boredom, Loss of non-verbal communication, frustration, inability to express emotion, Anger, Anxiety, Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. We've seen significant changes in the psychology of patients on the Total Lift Bed. Imagine the impact on patients and their families to see them standing again.

A. Mattress options including Low Air loss, alternating pressure, and rotational available.
B. Full cardiac chair position.
C. Lockable patient and care giver controls.


Teach us to live that we may dread unnecessary time in bed. Get people up and we may save our patients from an early grave.

R.A.J. Asher - British Medical Journal, 1947