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The VitalGo Total Lift Bed has been recognized by Cancer Centers to provide a unique, safer, and more effective way of doing various treatments including the HIPEC.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a heated, sterilized chemotherapy solution, which is delivered directly to the abdomen during a surgical procedure. First, surgical oncologists perform surgery to remove visible tumors within the abdomen. Then, using sophisticated technology and tools, the surgical oncologists administer the chemotherapy solution to penetrate and destroy cancer cells that remain in the abdomen after surgery.

HIPEC is a treatment option for people who have advanced surface spread of cancer within the abdomen, without disease involvement outside of the abdomen. It may be used to treat some cases of:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Appendiceal Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Primary Peritoneal Cancer

In comparison to traditional chemotherapy delivery, HIPEC allows for higher doses of chemotherapy treatment. Heating the solution (i.e., hyperthermia) also enhances the power of the chemotherapy, improving absorption by tumors and susceptibility of cancer cells to chemotherapy. Furthermore, because the chemotherapy is kept within the abdomen, it minimizes the rest of the body's exposure to the treatment. This helps reduce some chemotherapy side effects.

The VitalGo Total Lift Bed is beneficial for this procedure because the fluid needs to be sloshed in order for it to penetrate and cover the entire abdominal area. The doctor takes his hands and places them on each side of the patient's abdomen then pushes the fluid and abdomen with his hands in order to move it from the patient's left to right side. The VitalGo bed is used to tilt the patient up and down to this better. After the treatment the fluid has to be removed, tilting the patient will allow for easier removal of the fluid.

The TLB has the unique ability to criss cross the straps above the abdomen...
The VitalGo Total Lift bed also has the unique ability to cross the straps above the abdomen avoiding the patient flap and still allowing the patient to come to a tilted or standing position for easier access to the treatment location.


  • Total Lift Bed
    425LB/192KG Weight Capacity Tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between.