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Weight Bearing

The NEW patented Weight Bearing Control System by VitalGo gives you data like you've never had before.

The TLB bed scale weighs the patient's body weight and is displayed on the scale's digital screen. There is a second scale (in the moving footboard) that displays how much weight the user is bearing. Then the Total Lift Bed will calculate the two readings together to also give the percentage of weight bearing.

For the first time ever weight bearing is not an all or nothing activity. You can now start mobilizing a patient immediately after surgery and control exactly how much weight they are bearing. Orthopedic patients are often instructed to weight bear with various degrees of intensity. Until now, a vague term like "partial weight bearing" is used to gauge the amount of pressure and is usually determined by guessing. With all this new data you can get patients up and out of bed much faster than before.

By being able to have a baseline reading from the start of therapy you can develop the most effective protocol to maximize outcomes. With the Weight Bearing Control System you can then monitor the users progress and adjust the protocol. When the user is discharged you will have detailed record of their mobility progress from admission to discharge.

With the bio feed back scale located on the footboard a patient can see themselves exactly how much weight to bear to prevent re-injury at home. They can also see progress and make goals for improvement.


It's a huge advantage using the Total Lift bed in Orthopedics because for the first time I can train patients what an exact percentage of partial weight bearing feels like.

Dr. Raz Winiarsky, MD


  • Total Lift Bed
    425LB/192KG Weight Capacity Tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between.