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Jarett Armstrong
Vice President of Global Business Development


"Although we believe our technology is unrivaled today we are just beginning in the market and have a long way to go. We appreciate your support and look forward to a long lasting, healthy and successful relationship with our customers and partners."

Best Regards,
Jarett Armstrong
Vice President of Global Business Development
VitalGo Systems, Inc.

About VitalGo Systems, Inc.

A company you can depend on

VitalGo is comprised of both engineers and business executives who believe that functionality must come hand in hand with quality.

All designs and final products are judged against the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring that every VitalGo product delivers the maximum levels of safety, comfort, functionality and reliability.

At VitalGo, we are convinced that working to the highest standards is the only way; and every member of our team is proud to stand behind every one of our products.

Our Flagship Product

VitalGo's flagship product,

the innovative Total Lift Bed, sets a new standard in user and caregiver safety and comfort.

Designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and in private homes, the Total Lift Bed is the only bed that can raise the user from a lying position to a full standing position and all intermediate positions.

Other products, currently in various stages of development, will provide innovative, safe and dignified solutions for bathing, using the toilet, and other daily activities.

Our Mission

At VitalGo Systems, we are committed to developing and implementing advanced products to address this vital and growing need for safe lifting modalities in hospitals, care facilities and homecare situations. Every aspect of our product design and development is guided by the belief that it is not enough to just bring the patient to a standing position; rather, it must be done in a way that ensures the safety of both the patient and the caregiver and with full respect for the patient's dignity.

Based on a unique combination of advanced technologies, VitalGo's products fully address the threat of caregiver and patient injuries caused by transfers and they also can assist in various aspects of medical treatments and rehabilitation, such as physical therapy.