Question 1: Where is the TLB available?
A. It's available for sale everywhere in the U.S and many other countries in the world. Contact us for rental availability as the territories are always expanding.
Question 2: How does the Total Lift Bed benefit patients?
A.The TLB has the potential to:
  • - Decrease Length of stay through increased mobility
  • - Reduce patient falls
  • - Reduce Pressure Ulcer Development
  • - Reduce Care Giver Injury
Question 3: What is the profile of patient that will benefit from the TLB?
Any patient who cannot get out of bed or would benefit from mobility is a potential candidate for the TLB.

Common Diagnoses include:
  • - Ventilator Dependent
  • - ECMO
  • - Burn
  • - Critical
  • - Post Trauma or Surgery
  • - Rehab
  • - Obese
Question 4: How is the Total Lift bed different than a tilt table?
  • - You do not have to bring in a separate piece of equipment eliminating space issues and saving time and effort.
  • - You do not have to transfer the patient to the separate piece of equipment eliminating the need for many staff members. Also there are many patients who cannot be moved because of size, equipment restrictions (i.e. lines), wounds. This saves time, staff, and reduces staff and patient injuries.
  • - With the patented weight bearing control system on the TLB you can accurately access weight bearing ability to make an effective therapy protocol and monitor improvement. This allows you to adjust therapy to maximize outcomes.
Question 5: What about plantar Pressure Ulcers?
A. The Total Lift Bed foot plate automatically retracts to avoid pressure on the feet.
Question 6: Can a mobile floor lift or bedside table fit under the TLB?
A. The frame has a cut out that allows for ample room to use a floor lift or side table. When the wheels are on the ground and the frame is raised even more space is available.
Question 7: How much ceiling height is required to raise the TLB from ground to full standing position?
A. 80 inches.
Question 8: Does the TLB have the option to add a specialty mattress?
A. The TLB comes standard with a foam mattress but is also available with a fully integrated low-air loss with alternating pressure mattress.
Question 9: What is Warranty for the TLB and TLBB?
A. Manufacturers warranty applies to purchase of equipment only. Manufacturer warrant product against defects in materials and workmanship of two years on mechanical parts and one year on electrical parts.
Question 10: How does the patient keep from falling when coming to standing position?
A. The footboard electronically moves toward the patient to support their feet. Then the bed always stays back to keep the gravity of the patient towards the surface. Even at full standing position the bed is at 82 degrees which allows the patient to lean back. Also there is a set of 3 support straps that come with the bed for additional support. Two at the legs which block the legs by strapping above and below the knee. then another that can be strapped straight across the chest and or criss crossed seat belt style.