Progressively enabling bariatric patients to weight bear Total Drive System True Cardiac Chair Position Easing Nurses Needs

VitalGo Total Lift Bed Bariatric™: Elevating patient care

The long awaited and anticipated Total Lift Bed Bariatric is now available in the U.S.

Many of the concerns in patient care that the Total lift bed addressed are magnified when caring for bariatric patients. It's often hard to mobilize a bariatric patient because of their size, weight and multitude of medical complications. However with the TLBB you can begin weight bearing at any stage and progressively enable bariatric patients to weight bear. Once they have reached a desired goal of weight bearing you can then start gait training with the confidence. The current all or nothing weight bearing strategy and guessing of ability is a very scary one when it comes to bariatric patients. Front or side egressing bariatric patients without first knowing their ability can be a scary and costly endeavor that you no longer have to face. You can know help these patients mobilize again in a confident, progressive and safe way.

Many medical conditions that are more heightened in obese patients like respiratory problems, pneumonia, intra-adominal pressure, cardiovascular, psychological, renal, fecal impaction, pressure ulcers can all see improvements when the patient is tilted toward an upright position that is only available in the TLBB. In a recent randomized control study, critically ill patients supported by mechanical ventilation had fewer delirium days, shorter ventilator days, and better functional status at hospital discharge when rehabilitation began early.

Nursing staff face many challenges when caring for bariatric patients. Common tasks like turning, repositioning, and transferring can lead to very costly staff and patient injuries. Even wen they don't turn out for the worst they still take a considerable amount of staff, time, and special equipment. The difficulties often lead to suboptimal care and result in many more complications. With the TLBB many of these common tasks can be made much easier or eliminated all together.


Adjustable side rails allow for the bed to expand from 36" to 48".


Total Drive System allows you to easily move the bed around the hospital reducing push pull injuries trying to move bariatric patient around hospital.


True Cardiac chair position allows for gradual lowering to the floor and powered return bed assistance.

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How It Works

Clinical Benefits for Bariatric Patients:
  • Improves respiratory outcomes
  • Fewer Delirium days
  • Shorter Ventilator Days
  • Prevents pressure ulcers and skin breakdown
  • Optimizes psychological outcome
  • Better functional status

How the Weight Bearing Control Works

The Total Lift Bed features two integrated scales: one located in the sleep deck and one located in the patented Foot Lifter™ footboard. As the bed tilts, a digital screen displays the weight bearing ratio, allowing caregivers to control and gradually increase weight bearing capabilities for accelerated early mobility, improved ambulation and ultimately, optimized patient outcomes.


When you consider the investment and storage space needed for all of the separate devices needed to achieve just these few stages of mobility, why wouldn't you consider the VitalGo as a superior Safe Patient Handling and Mobility solution.

Amber Perez - LPN, CSPHA, Safe Patient Handling Specialist


  • Total Lift Bed Trendelenburg
    425LB/192KG lb. Tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between.
  • Total Lift Bed Bariatric
    1,000LB/453KG. You can begin weight bearing at any stage and progressively enable bariatric patients to weight bear.